5 Affordable Ways to Surprise Your Honey on Valentine’s Day


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Love is best felt than heard – many people can attest to this. It’s not enough to proclaim your love if the other person cannot feel it. This upcoming Valentine’s Day, why don’t you try going the extra mile for that special person?

Here are some suggestions on how you can surprise your love one without having to spend extravagantly:

 Send flowers or gifts to the office.

This is probably one of the most cliché things to do during Valentine’s Day – but it always does the trick. Let your other half feel that you are thinking about him or her, and that even though it is a cheesy thing to do, you still want to do it to make him or her feel your love. Want to make it more exciting? Deliver the flowers or gifts, yourself! It’s one thing to send something over, and it’s another to exerting extra effort to personally give your honey your presents. .

Cook a scrumptious dinner.

If you are more often than not ordering Chinese food or pizza, then now is the time to not do that. When your sweetheart comes home from work after a long day’s work, surprise him or her with a dinner that he or she is definitely not expecting. You might want to prepare his or her favourite dishes, or a dish that’s memorable for the both of you.

Write a poem.

With the technological advancements of this era we’re living in, it’s so easy to just copy love poems off the Internet. Even simple messages are sometimes plagiarized from anonymous authors online. For your love, however, creating a simple yet heartfelt love poem makes all the difference. Rhymes are not really needed. You just have to really speak from your heart – it will not go unnoticed, have faith!

Serenade him or her.

This surprise doesn’t have to be as sappy as you think – you can go crazy and hilarious while you’re performing. The main purpose is to make your partner happy and just basically entertained. You can also do this in a karaoke bar and sing to your lover in front of many people – or ask him or her to join you in singing!

Plan a trip and don’t give any hints as to where you’re going.

This trip can be as simple as watching a movie, visiting a museum, having a picnic at the park; or it can be as complex as going out of town. Whatever you decide on doing, just make sure you keep it to yourself. You can do so much as pack your lover’s bags for him or her – all the while not telling anything. Once your honey figures out what you’re up to, she or he will definitely fall in love with you more for planning something in total secret!

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