7 Creative Ways to Sell your House

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Why do you need creative ways to sell your house in Whitby or in Durham Region ?Simply because today\’s housing market is highly competitive. The consumer has capitalized on coming to your door with their homework done, educated in the ways of buying and selling, and quite savy at it. But—how exactly can you show price-raising creativity in today\’s real estate market?

Well, there are a number of ways. And while I am not going to release all my  marketing secret weapons—here are just a few creative ways that I market my homes:

Creative Home-Selling Tip #1: Host a Multi-Home Open House 

If your home isn\’t the only one in your neighbourhood then host a multi-home open house. This type of open house draws big crowds because people get bigger \’bang for their buck\’ in terms of return on time while visiting open houses—which makes them more likely to add your home to their list. 

Creative Ways to Sell your House Tip #2: Sell your Neighbourhood
Most people on the market are trying to sell their home—so instead try selling your neighbourhood. In your marketing materials and on your showings showcase your entire neighbourhood, including the specifics that only locals know—like your favourite local boutique, great nearby coffee shop, or favourite creek to walk your dogs near. The more specific the better. And if you\’ve got great neighbours—highlight them because a nice sense of community is getting harder and harder to find!

Creative Home-Selling Tip #3: Give it a \’Modern\’ Makeover
Use new trends in interior design to spruce up your home to give it a modern look. This can mean engineered floors, recessed lighting like pot lighting, a neutral-toned paint colour or a backyard \’escape\’.

Creative Ways to Sell your House  Tip #4: Write a Creative Ad
MLS ads get dull, especially after reading your 100th one—trust me! So, spruce up your ad by avoiding the common buzz words and using real specifics that can grab attention. This could mean something as simple as “room enough for home theatre”, or something comical like “plumbing sold separately—but we\’re negotiable”.  Keep your ad fresh by rewriting it every other week.

Creative Home-Selling Tip #5: Get Creative with your \’Extras\’
Including interesting items in the sale price of your home can be enough to get you noticed. This could be something big like a flatscreen TV, an insurance package or furniture (a bonus if you\’ll be buying new stuff anyways).

Creative Home-Selling Tip #6: Do a Virtual Tour
Virtual tours are a great way to get some attention—and they are super easy to do with a smartphone camera, good lighting and a free YouTube account. Professionally-filmed videos are better, although not everyone can afford the cost (although they\’re worth every penny!).

Creative Ways to Sell your House Tip #7: Call Cheryl
I’ve shared just a few of my creative marketing ideas for marketing your home—but if you\’re curious what else I’ve got up my sleeves, just give me a call!

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