7 Tips for Selling your Home in Whitby

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Selling homes in Durham requires an in-depth knowledge of the area—and a little finesse. To help you through the often complex process, we’ve put together 7 tips for selling your home in Whitby that I’ve gleaned from my years of experience selling homes here.

Without further ado here are my top 7 tips for selling your home:

1. Write a high-quality listing, because people won\’t get in their car to come see it if the description doesn\’t sound \’worth-getting-in-the-car for\’.

2. Have professional photos taken. The difference between photos snapped on your iPhone, and those taken by a photographer with extra lighting—and a wide-angle lens—is amazing. And the photos will pay for themselves in showings. Use at least 6 pictures, because a recent Trulia study shows that listings with more than 6 photos received more showings than those with less than 6.

3. Create a \’love letter\’ video about your home and about your neighbourhood in Whitby. Tell people the little things about your home that you love, like the relaxing Koi pond in the backyard or the top-floor laundry that is easy on strained backs. Show viewers what you love about your neighbourhood, like the nearby dog park or your great neighbours. The personal touch of these videos truly grabs people\’s attention.

4. Work your neighbours. If you live in a neighbourhood where your neighbours know each others\’ names and regularly talk and socialize—empower them to choose their own neighbours by suggesting your home to their friends and on their Facebook. You\’d be amazed the motivation of your next-door neighbours to find a new neighbour they like (and that they know will care for the home and help keep property levels up).

5. Use Facebook. Truly use Facebook for all it’s worth by not only posting your home\’s listing on your profile, but also ask your friends to share it on theirs. By doing this you can expand your reach exponentially.

6. Offer incentives to your buyers. This can be a flatscreen tv with closing, or free pool maintenance for a year.

7. Be available. While being available for showings seems like a given—you would be amazed how many homeowners need hoursof notice for a showing and have very specific showing times. The problem is homebuyers have their own schedules too—and the sellers who are more accomodating will receive more showings (and therefore more offers!).

Curious what other tips for selling your home in Durham I can offer—or what else I’ve learned in my years of experience selling homes? in Whitby? Just ask!

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