Benefits of Home Evaluation

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A home evaluation is comparable to a house appraisal and home inspection combined. Most of the time it is performed by a real estate agent. It is done to determine the market value of a property that his or her client would like to sell or it can also be a home that a buyer is eyeing.

On top of looking at the total appeal of the house itself, an evaluation also considers other aspects. This includes information about local schools, outlooks, trends, neighbourhood amenities, traffic, and more. Additionally, it takes into consideration the current state of the main components of the house as well as the age of the property.

So how does a home evaluation benefit a seller?

Since a comparison is done between your property and similar homes on the market right now and those that have been recently sold, a home evaluation will let you put the appropriate price to your home. Remember that pricing a property for sale is not as simple as you might think. Do it incorrectly and you might affect how fast your home would be sold. The knowledge of your agent about what’s going on in the marketplace at present plays a big role here because the evaluation that would be given is based on what he or she knows.


Remember that the home evaluation is, of course, done before you put your house in the market. Therefore, through a proper evaluation, you will find out if the market value of your home meets your expectations. If it is higher than you expected then it’s a good thing you haven’t priced your property yet. If it is lower though, then you still have the option of discontinuing the sale.


Better still, after a home evaluation is done and it did not quite meet the amount you were expecting, you could ask help from your realtor. A reliable real estate agent would give you his or her honest opinion and even give tips on how you can raise the value of your home. Perhaps a simple remodeling, repainting, or fencing project would bring the price higher! More than anyone, your realtor would know the best way for you to get the highest possible amount for your home.


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