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Should You Include Furniture When You Sell?

If you are selling your current home and moving somewhere far, you might consider including your furniture in the sale. However, before deciding to do so, you should know that this could end up in different circumstances that could range from getting a higher price for your property to messing up the whole deal. You read right. Unfortunately, including your furniture does not always sweeten the po read more

How to Identify Overpriced Homes

For most first-time home buyers, purchasing a home can be really challenging. First, there is the overwhelming selection of homes that meet what you are looking for. Then there’s an even bigger difficulty of trying to figure out which of those homes offer the best value for your money, and which ones are just being priced well above their real value.   How does one know that a property is read more

Things to Consider When Buying Power of Sale Properties

A property sold by power of sale means that it is not the homeowner, but the mortgage lender, who is selling it. It is a solution that is made available to lenders when homeowners default on mortgages. If you are interested in this as a buyer, here are some of the things that you should know about power of sale transactions:   You should reign in your hopes for a discount! read more

Online House-Hunting: Pros and Cons

  With the advanced technology that we are enjoying right now, a lot of people turn to it for all the things that need to be done. The Interne, in particular, seems to have all the answers to all your concerns. Instead of having a CPA do your taxes, you do it online. Instead of going to the doctors, you sometimes just check your symptoms online! Now, even in real estate, more and more people read more

Why Virtual Tours are the Next Big Thing in Real Estate

The real estate industry has significantly evolved in the recent years. It seems like driving around different neighbourhoods to look for houses with “For Sale” signs are now replaced by browsing through online listings. We cannot deny the convenience this brings. It definitely saves you time if you could look for houses while you’re home and resting.   But what does it mean for selle read more