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How to Do a Green Renovation

Renovations are challenging and stressful so there is a big chance that you will not be able to handle it on your own. It is best that you consider the help of a professional for your project. When you find one, discuss the option to do a green renovation for your home. You might want to discuss these with him or her:   Optimizing Available Space Often, a structural addition is requested read more

Selling Your House? How Much Should You Spend On Renovations

Thanks to do-it-yourself and inspirational sites like Pinterest and Instagram, hundreds of thousands of Canadians are getting the renovation bug and upgrading their homes for either personal or financial reasons. If you're in the market to sell, you may think a few changes here and there will raise the value of your home and land you a better price. While a dated home or worn out fixtures can real read more

Home Renovations 101: How To Keep On Budget And Not Overspend

When you are planning to do home renovations with a view to preparing your home for sale, it’s very easy to go over budget. Many homeowners think that if they spend a lot of money on renovations, they will end up getting that money back in a higher selling price. That may not necessarily be the case. The idea is to fix up your home to make it attractive to a potential buyer, but not go overboar read more