Cost-Effective Decorating Ideas

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Decorating your home does not mean shelling out a lot of cash. There are a lot of ways you can beautify and update the look of your space without spending much. What you need is a little creativity and some spare time for your DIY projects and you’ll find that a beautiful home does not necessarily mean an expensive home.


Here are some decorating ideas that will not put a dent on your wallet:


  1. Repurpose items. Something may not serve its purpose anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. If you feel like your old mirror is not very flattering, perhaps you can turn it into something else, like a tray! The way it will reflect the objects you place on it would look very interesting, too!


  1. Look for unique display opportunities! Do you have a tabletop that you do not know what to do with? Measure your tabletop and get either a Plexi cut or a glass that fits. Before putting that on top though, have your favourite snapshots, travel postcards, stamps, and even sketches placed artistically on your tabletop. Voila! Instant display and conversation piece!



  1. Mismatched plates may not look inviting on the table. They, however, make for excellent wall arrangement! The more varied they are, the better. Place the most elaborate or dramatic one towards the center. Try different lay outs first before creating permanent holes on your wall.


  1. What you can’t buy, paint. Always wanted a chandelier but feels like it’s too much for your small space? Paint a silhouette of one on your wall! One in black or white would look both classy and quirky at the same time. A headboard is something everyone wants. Can’t afford one? Paint a trompe l’oeil panel to get a creative point of interest that both saves you money and floor space.
  1. Keep your candles in clusters. Group your candles and display them on a spacious surface like a low coffee table. Just remember that the larger the surface is, the larger the candles should be, too. Place them in glass containers for added dimension.


  1. Make your foyer more visually appealing without looking cluttered. Guests get a feel of your home the moment they walk inside. Add a decorative touch to your foyer using an appropriately-sized table to hold flowers or accessories. You can also add decorative and useful baskets to store your keys, some coins, and other knick knacks.



Decorating a home is a fun way to spend your weekends. Being able to do so without breaking your budget makes it double the fun!

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