Fire Safety Tips for Your New Home

Testing a home smoke alarm

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There are very few things more devastating than fire destroying your property. Each year thousands of houses are burned to ashes and countless numbers of families lose their homes. That is why we believe that every household should do what is possible to keep them safe from fire.


Here are some guidelines that can help you:


Get Smoke Alarms

Before moving in, you should make sure that you install at least one smoke alarm on each level of your property. If it is also possible, have alarms that are interlinked throughout the house. This way, in case there is a fire emergency, everyone in your house would get the earliest warning.



Be Careful With Electronics

Be careful with your heating systems and appliances. Do not place a heater near any clothes, curtains, or furniture. Place it three feet away from heaters as well. You should also avoid overloading electrical sockets. Unplug appliances and chargers that are not in use. Check your electrical wires regularly to make sure there is no exposed wiring.



Use Candles Responsibly

If you need to use candles, make sure that they are placed in stable heat-resistant holders. They should be nowhere near any drapes and curtains, clothes, and furniture, too. Never leave a lighted candle unattended. If you have kids at home, store your candles somewhere safe and unreachable so they won’t be able to play with them.




Avoid Smoking or At Least Do It with Care

If you have been used to smoking inside the house, just be careful not to do it in bed or on a sofa, especially when you feel a bit sleepy. Never leave your cigarette or pipe unattended. Purchase deep ashtrays as they would prevent cigarettes from rolling out. Keep your lighters and matches out of reach of your children at all times.




Observe Extra Precaution in the Kitchen

Since most fires start in kitchens, it is advisable to have a heat alarm there for added protection. Do not leave your pans unattended when you are cooking. Avoid cooking too, if you feel tired, sleepy, or have been drinking alcohol.





Check Safety Before Going to Bed

Switch off and unplug all your appliances like your television before sleeping, leaving only the essentials like your fridge on. Avoid charging your gadgets like phones, tablets, and cameras when you sleep. Check all doors and keep them closed; doing so could help prevent spreading of fire in case it happens.



There are many factors that may start a fire that are way beyond our control. However, whether we admit it or not, there are a lot of incidents though where fire could have been avoided, if extra precautions were taken. Stay safe, everyone!

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