First Day of School Jitters – How to Help Your Child Deal With Them

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When your child reaches school age, he or she might have mixed feelings towards school. Some kids get excited over the thought of it while others fear it. If you think your child falls into the latter category, it is important that as a parent, you do everything to help your kid get over his first-day anxiety.


To help ease your child’s transition to his academic years, here are some ways you can help:


  1. Take a quick tour to the school!

Do you remember when it was your first day in college or even at work? An unfamiliar place is always overwhelming or even daunting, no matter what age you are. If you could feel lost in a tiny office, imagine what it must feel like for your child in that big school with children he or she doesn’t know and strange adults that are not mom and dad.

Taking children for a short school trip and letting them roam and play in their classroom could make a huge difference in the way they perceive school.


  1. Potty train in school!

While you are still on that trip, make sure you do a short stop to the bathroom – be it in the classroom or not. Your child should know the quickest way to the bathroom for emergencies. It is not uncommon for kids to worry about it especially in new surroundings. After all, even adults sometimes find themselves in that situation and it can be very uncomfortable.


  1. Organize a get-together with other parents whose children are going to be in your child’s class.

Yes, you might think this cheating. But who says your child has to go through those awkward hours of not knowing who they can talk to? It will be a big relief for your child to see a familiar face in school.


  1. Get them set with a boost of confidence and lots of healthy goodies.
  2. You can get your children excited by taking them shopping for school supplies. This is a good distraction so they won’t get too anxious about going to school. You can add something special that is not on the list of requirements to make them happier.


  1. Let them take a bit of home with them.

Your child is really nervous about being away from the comfort and security of your home, why not let him or her take a bit of it in the bag? It could be a picture of you two, a pet, or even a small toy. Be creative about it so they can use it for school too. Perhaps you can turn your photos into bookmarks, or a toy into a bag accessory.


Remember that at this stage, your little one relies on you to make everything right for him or her, even if it’s something that is totally beyond your control like school. Help them ease into this phase and they’ll thank you for it forever.

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