How to Keep Your Home Clean Even with Kids Around

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Keeping your house clean is challenging enough, especially if you are working or running a business. Imagine having a tiny hurricane running back and forth inside your house? When you have children, it is almost inevitable to have a clean house for longer than a day.


Having said that, there are still ways you could somehow maintain a house that is presentable, if not totally spotless. Impossible, you think? Read on, try them after, and see how big a difference these tips and rules can make!


No shoes inside the house. Set by example – leave your shoes at the door. This keeps dirt, mud, gum, and everything else people step on outside right where they belong – outside. You would appreciate this much if you have carpets or hardwood floors that you want to keep polished.


Pack away before dinner. This rule goes for the kids, and you! Make sure they understand that playtime is over once they sit down for dinner. Make sure you do the same – put your coats, magazines, keys, and other things that might distract you in their proper places so your kids would follow. Some mothers impose consequences such as taking away whatever toy will remain lying around the house by dinner.


Have a play mat! If you haven’t tried this one, you definitely should. Tell your kids that they are allowed to play with their toys as long as they stay within the borders of their “magic carpet”. You’ll find that it is easier to clean up when everything is in one area. With luck, your kids will realize that it’s easier to play when they have everything within their reach.


Take advantage of their naps and bedtimes. As much as you want to just catch some sleep yourself, you know that the time they spend sleeping is also the time you have to do the chores that you cannot do properly when the kids are awake. Seize these moments! You will be impressed at how fast you can finish your tasks when you know your kids will wake up soon!


Do not put off small tasks. It is very easy to ignore small things and put off chores that don’t seem much important at a certain moment – until they’re not so little anymore. Ignore the dishes from your breakfast and you’ll see how quick dirty dishes pile up by dinner time. The same goes for mails that you just put in random places.


Avoid having unnecessary stuff around. Get rid of old bills, unworn clothes, and broken toys. If possible, do this weekly or at least monthly. Ask yourself if there is anything you need to let go of. This is a very effective way to eliminate clutter.


Yes, keeping your house clean is a big challenge especially when you have children unknowingly create messes at any given time. However, if you follow these simple and very doable tips, you’ll see that though your house may not be spotless, it could still be presentable.

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