Listing in Spring? Prep Your House for Market

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It is known that spring is the best time to sell houses. The reason for this is because a large number of buyers are actively searching for a new home during the months of April, May and June.

If your house has been on the market since the holidays, it’s best to take it off the market for a few weeks. Nobody will be interested to look at your home in the spring if they see that it’s been on the market for several months.

Prep your house with these following suggestions:

Wash all windows and polish all mirrors.

A sparkly house is an attractive house to potential buyers. They will not be able to pinpoint the reason but having spotless windows and clear mirrors will make them drawn to your home more.

Clean curtains, drapes, blinds and keep all windows open.

Have your window coverings sent to the cleaners. Clean your blinds and get rid of all dust and spider webs. Your crisp linens are sure to impress your potential buyers, and the open windows will sure to let the cool breeze in.

Have a welcome mat and an umbrella stand at the entrance.

Spring weather is often unpredictable. It can be sunny one day, and snowing or raining the next. Make sure that you provide these things for your buyers to stash their umbrellas and wipe their feet with.

Have colour photos as display advertisements.

If you are spending money on your listing, then you might want to spend a little more on newspaper and online advertising by including a colour photograph of your home. Look for the photos that would flaunt your home to its best advantage.

Trim bushes and have the backyard raked.

It’s important to clean out any dead leaves and debris in your lawn. Cut existing bushes and tree limbs so that the sunlight can highlight some part of the interior of your house as well as the exterior.

Have your lawns and sidewalks mowed diagonally.

Diagonally-mowed lawns make your yard appear larger. If you prioritize this part of your house, potential buyers would know that you pay attention to small details. Plus, it can also attract them firsthand.


Potential buyers would not want to see how you lived in your home. Give them the chance to picture themselves living in your home without being reminded that you lived there first. Make sure you take down those photos with you and your family’s faces on them and instead, replace them with artistic photos.



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