Love is in the Air: Home Decorating Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a much celebrated day for couples, family and friends. There is an outflow of romantic ideas, surprise plans and hotel or restaurant reservations everywhere. If you would like to stay in the comfort of your own home, you may choose to do so. Who said Valentine’s Day has to be celebrated outside?

Here are some suggestions on how to decorate your home for this special occasion to celebrate your love:


This could be actual flowers or you can go for paper roses. To make it more exciting, why not make your own floral decorations? Instead of visiting the nearest store for a made garland, try to come up with your own kind. You just have to have some patterned paper, scissors and glue – you would be able to make your own floral designs. If you want, there are also available printable designs online.


To give your home a little more of that lovey-dovey feel, you can put up bright pink or red wreaths on your front door, and living room. It can definitely light up the room, and it also reminds everyone coming in through your door that love is in the air – and in your home!


What other way to say it than with actual words? Banners are easy to make – with the right canvas, a couple of strings, and paint or marker pens. Spell out L-O-V-E or any other romantic word you can think of. If you have an archway at home, you might want to put up the banner there for all your guests and family to see.

Scrabble Coasters

This is a fun and creative way to spice up your dining table. You can make one for your own, or you might want to buy ready-to-use Scrabble coasters. These are great for coffee and dining tables. Make sure that your letters has to spell L-O-V-E for a sweeter effect.

Photo Collage

This is probably one of the most common decoration ideas – have photos in a frame to be reminded of the love you share. It could be photos of you and your other half or it could be of you and your whole family. Relive each sweet moment as you look on the photographs.

Jar of Candies and Chocolates

This is a great idea especially if you are living with kids or with someone who just has a sweet tooth. Let the sweetness and kindness show as you have these goodies up for grabs.

Love Rug

One other way to decorate your home is to provide red rugs in the different rooms in your house. It gives your feet that extra warmth, just like what you feel when you are loved.

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