Interior of contemporary living room for hipster

Make the Most of Your Studio-Type Home

You may have landed your first apartment in the city (Yay, you!) or just wondering how you never noticed how cramped your small space is. Either way, you could do with some useful hacks to make living in a studio unit more pleasant than it is now.


Studio-type homes do challenge their homeowners with limited space, and frankly, it is going to be difficult to distinguish different areas in one room if you do not have a systematic way. What should you put on display? Which ones should you throw away? What can you do about your storage situation? Here are some tips that can turn your apartment nightmare into a studio bliss.


  1. Find and learn the flow of the room. Aside from the layout of the room itself, you have to consider how you’ll be moving through the studio. This will tell you how you should arrange your furniture. When you have clear pathways, you will surely enjoy your place more.



  1. Embrace the light. Let all the light you can get in through your windows. Do not hide from the sun with drapes, blinds, and heavy curtains. If the room is quite dark and not that exposed to natural lighting, by all means add light fixtures and reflective surfaces like mirrors to create the illusion of a warmer, brighter, and larger studio.


  1. Opt for multipurpose furnishings. Why go for a bed when you can have a bed/storage box? A dining table with drawers? Yes please. In a house with very limited space, these can be your best friend. So before purchasing furniture, check if there is a double-duty version of that piece and go for that instead.



  1. Stop hoarding and start organizing. If you are living in a studio, there is a likelihood that most of your belongings will be on display. Also, what you can store would be very limited. Make sure you save your much-valued space for the things that are really important. If you haven’t used an item in a year, chances are, you can live without it.


  1. Make your storage stand out. If you are going to depend on storage items to make your place livable, better choose ones that are fun and pretty. You can always find colourful boxes, bins, and baskets. If it’s possible go for those that do not scream “storage!” but look more like your artistic choice.


There you go – five simple tips that we hope would help you make the most of your studio-type home. Remember, there’s no too small space for a too creative mind!