Protect Your Yard From Winter

protect your yard from winter - cheryl devenney

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Sunshine one day, pouring rain the next – this autumn weather is so confusing! But confusion aside, now is the time to start focusing on preventative lawn maintenance to ensure your yard is in tip-top shape for spring, especially if you have or are thinking about listing your home for sale! Protecting everything now means less work when the warmer weather returns and prospective buyers are out in full force.

Know When To Mow
Even though the weather may warm up enough to expose grass during the colder months of fall, the general rule of thumb is to stop mowing your lawn after the first frost, or risk exposing tender grass shoots to the elements during the harsh winter. Grass that is too short can encourage dryness and evaporation, which can lead to bacteria and stunted growth.

Keep It Clean
Thatch, the layer of dead leaves and branches your trees naturally shed this time of year, can damage your lawn and grass if left to sit for too long. Keep your lawn clear by raking as often as needed. And consider applying a thin layer of mulch, which can protect grass roots from snow, frost and bad weather. It can also help prevent deeper layers of soil from freezing, which will make it easier for your lawn to bounce back come spring.

Upgrade Your Drainage
Poor drainage can lead to many problems, including creating the perfect breeding ground for fungus, insects and other pests that can damage your lawn\’s growth in the future. If you find water sits on your lawn for longer than it should, considering upgrading your yard drainage. Gardening Know-How has a few good tips on how this can be done economically.

Keep It Clear
If the snow ever lets up, take a few moments to check the lawn thoroughly for weeds that may have taken root and get rid of them. Some varietals of weed are sturdier than grass and will take advantage of the cold to grow and spread.

Protect Your Trees
Trees add value to your home – monetary and personal. While snow cover in winter can be gorgeous to look at, snow piled too high on branches can weight them down and cause breakage. Knock snow from the bottom branches first and work your way up, this will keep any snow from higher branches from adding unnecessary weight to those below. If branches are covered in ice, let it melt gradually rather than trying to free branches yourself.

Protect young trees by wrapping their stems or trunks with wire or commercial grade tree-guard products.

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