Quick Sale: How to Sell your Home in Whitby FAST!

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Whatever your motivations, if you need to sell your home in Whitby FAST—I’ve got a not-yet-patented method to ensure a quick sale. When it comes to how to sell your home in Whitby fast, there are a number of things you need to do, including:

1. Get Social 

Sharing your for-sale home on social networks is a given these days, but to truly maximize your exposure you need to be proactive about selling your home—not socially passive. So, when you announce your home listing (and remind people about it occasionally) on Facebook don\’t just let your friends know your home is for sale—ask them to post it on their Facebook for their friends to see. You would be amazed how many people will be more than happy to help you out. Also, ask your Facebook \’friends\’ to keep an ear out for anyone looking for a home in home\’s price range.

2. Use Video
If using several high-quality images can drum up significantly more showings for your home (and you cant get offers without showings!)–then what can video do? Video can give your home a big boost in the amount of showings you receive. To go the added mile for a quick sale and to sell your home in Whitby fast—make a \’love letter\’ style video where you excitedly let potential buyers know all the things you absolutely love about your home and will miss dearly.

3. Stage the Heck out of it!
Staging your home is important to make it look nice—but give it a super-staging makeover. To do this fix it up from the curb to the attic, making all minor repairs, decluttering, depersonalizing, repainting, steaming the carpets, waxing the floors, sprucing up the exterior property, making minor upgrades, etc. If you can fix it, clean it, polish it or upgrade—do it.

4. Have Pre-Inspections Done
Homebuyers will have inspections done on your home anyways—why not speed up the process by having inspections done, and then provide potential buyers that information on initial and follow-up showings. If they don\’t like the inspection data then you are preventing them from wasting their time and yours.

5. Price it Right
The lower you price your home, the quicker it will sell—but if you aren\’t in THAT big of a hurry that you would risk losing money on the sale of your home then simply price it right. To do that, do a comparative analysis, taking into account historical sales records and growth, recent similar property sales—and upgrades and detractions from the value of your home. Looking at your home critically is difficult to do though, so if you\’re trying to price your home to sell—simply call me. I can help.

All the above tips will get you well on your way to a quick sale and will help you sell your home in Whitby fast—but they are of course, just a start. Selling a home quickly is all about professional marketing and networking—something that only a qualified realtor can do quickly while getting you a good price. Your absolute best bet for a quick sale though—is calling me today.

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