Selling Your Home? Think Like A Buyer

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When you list your home for sale, you want to get the greatest return for your investment, but even when the real estate market is hot, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting at or over the asking price. 

No matter the reason for wanting to purchase a home, the decision is ultimately emotional, and a seller\’s strategy should aim to appeal to their senses – how can you help potential buyer\’s see themselves in your home? Put yourself in the mind of a buyer. 

Spotlight The Neighbourhood

This tip is especially true when selling luxury real estate, but is applicable at all price points. Buying a house is as much about the plot of land it sits on as it is about the surrounding neighbourhood. Are their great shopping and other sources of entertainment nearby? What is the quality of the school district? Does the area boast wildlife reserves and parks? It doesn\’t have to be fancy, but sharing the best features of the area with potential buyers will with their final decision. 

Shed Focus On The Facade

Though it\’s common knowledge that a buyer will make their decision within the first few minutes of walking into a home, it\’s easy to get caught up with the interior decorating and forget that the real fist impression starts at the curb. Invest some time in landscaping the front yard, even if it\’s just mowing before a showing. Cleaning the walkway, washing the windows, evening giving the doors, stairs or railings a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to helping create a fresh space that buyers can picture themselves living and loving in.  

Take The Emotions Out Of It

Selling your home can be as emotional for a homeowner as it is for a buyer, and often more so, especially when treasured memories are attached. Many homeowners fall into the trap of ascribing a monetary value based on sentimental reasons, and that can negatively affect everything from setting your asking price to redecorating to appeal to a wider audience. 

Though you may have put lots of time, love and elbow grease into your home, before you list you should apply a critical eye to the current design, or ask an outside party to provide unbiased opinion on what you can do to make the space more attractive to potential buyers. 

Price Yourself Right

Even though the current real estate market is slanted in a buyer’s favour, if you price your listing too high you run the risk of pricing yourself right out of a sale. Ideally, you should price your home at or just below market value. Buyers want to know (or at least feel like) they\’re getting a good deal, and the advantage to this strategy means you can garner a lot of interest, which may eventually lead to a bidding war. That\’s exactly where you want to be.

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