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I’ll Supply the Coffee...You Supply the Time!

Everyone loves Free!! I’d love to come for Free to personally tour your home and help determine its market value. No cost to you…Only a few moments of your time! I’ll even bring the coffee!  Evaluating your Home’s market price is the key factor to helping you attract the right buyer for your home. When your Home’s Market Assessment is provided, you can count on receiving the necessary information to help you make informed decisions on the market value of your home. After all, your home’s selling price is primary to selling your home successfully and in a timely fashion.

Knowing that 90% of buyers begin their search online, we build an engaging and extensive online presence for every listing. Marketing is key! Attention to detail begins with a professional photo shoot. Then, with quality photographs and full listing details, an extensive marketing plan is put into action with full online & traditional coverage.

Not only are we able to fully market your listing, we’ll also be able to provide Home Staging services that truly makes your home stand out on the market.   


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Finding out what Your Home’s worth is as Easy as 1...2...3...

  • ONE - Local Online Exposure

    Cheryl and her Team utilize many websites and databases to help you buy and sell quickly.

  • TWO - Virtual Tours

    A virtual tour is a great way to capture your property’s charm and character. Featured online and available, virtual tours include, music capabilities, multiple images and mapping of the property connecting and reminding potential buyers of all that your home has to offer.

  • THREE - Facebook Advertising

    Featured listings are advertised on various Facebook Pages that Cheryl is an avid member of. By sending your listing to the various Social Media Platforms, it creates a buzz about your home and its many features. It also gives other Realtors some a quick preview of your home coming to the Market.

  • FOUR - Agent Shows & Open Houses

    By creating a buzz with agent showings and open houses, Cheryl and her Team provide an opportunity to expose your property effectively and efficiently. Agent showings jump-start the selling process buy reaching brokers that are already actively ‘shopping’ for their clients. Open houses invite the potential buyer to fully experience your property. Beautiful, image-filled feature sheets are distributed so buyers have a visual prompt of all that your property offers.

  • Five - Uploading Your Listing to Our Website

    Featured listings loaded to our Team Website connect potential buyers who are looking for that online experience. We ensure your home gets maximum exposure on MLS ®, through the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Durham Association of Realtors websites and many others across the nation.

Below Are Our Featured Services to Sell Your Home With Ease!

Home Staging

Home Staging

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…Did you know that within the first 9 seconds of entry into your home, that a buyer has already made their mind up? Did you know that most buyers are not visual at all? Did you know that staging is giving the Buyer a ‘test drive’ of your place? So. How do you help the Buyer? By staging your home. Put your best foot forward, and let our Staging expertise help you get the most for your home, by giving the Buyer a visual experience they will remember. Let’s face it, we all have many sentimental pieces, that connect our journey to others, but Buyers only want to see the space they are purchasing. Afterall, it would be like going to purchase a car, without test driving it first! So, as the savvy Seller, staging your home gives the Buyer a unique chance to ‘test drive’ your home first, and get a ‘feel’ for how it ‘handles’. They need your help to see where their furniture will go, their heirlooms, or where they can enjoy a family movie night together. We want the Buyer to say, “Wow…This is perfect. I can see my sectional here, or my kitchen set there…or my backyard fits perfectly over there!” Let’s wow the Buyer; Create a clean clear space that sparkles and shines by using our Staging Experience. The Buyer’s will love it!



To create an even more powerful online presence,wealways have a video taken ofournewlistings. It gives the potential Buyer a sneak peak of the great perks in your home, and it enticesthem to come and have a look. Afterall, buying a home is difficult without seeing it first; so wewant to create an atmosphere that will encourage the Buyer to book a Showing. Staging andvideography go hand in hand. Creating a warm welcoming space isverykey.Think of yourhome’s video tothe trailer of a new movie release.The trailer sparks enough interest, so thatyou go to the movies to watch it.This is exactly how a video shoot works. It gives enoughinformation to peak a Buyer’s interest to come and see your home for themselves.The video captures the very essence of your home’s décor, layout and character. And to top itall off, I lovemaking these!It brings the Buyer and Seller one step closer to a successfulcompleted sale.

Professional Contractors

Professional Contractors

My network of contractors play ahugepart of my business, for which I’m very thankful for.There are many times that I need an expert’s advice, on an HVAC System, home repairs,plumbing repairs, painting, lawn care,staging,etc. Over the years I’ve developed quite anextensive list of great men and women whom I rely on. I’d like to pass these on to my clientsand friends. You can rest assured, that if I use them, you will always get great service, greatworkmanship, and sound advicefrom my trusted Network.



Marketing your home is extremely key to a quick sale! That’s whywe make this a primary focusofourSellingExperience.From networking among fellow colleagues, toFacebookposts,Instagram, LinkedIn posts,groups ads, open houses, exposure to MLS, and the many subsidiarywebsites that our membership to the Toronto Real Estate Board and to the Durham RegionAssociation of Realtors affords our clients, we take this very seriously and will provide our bestexposure of your property online and through traditional methods.