Spring Home Décor Trends: What Will Make Your Home Staging POP!

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Staging your home gives a potential buyer the chance to picture what your home would look like if he or she were living in it. Ideally, you want to remove any personal items, such as family pictures, from your home to make this process easier. Like a model home, your residence should be clean and bright. This spring, home décor trends are adopting interesting uses of colour to brighten up our homes.

Spring Home Décor Trends to Make your Home Staging Pop

  • Sweet Custard is Bright and Cheerful

To brighten up a room but stay away from the dreaded beige, consider something in a custard tone. Its yellow undertones are bright but not glaring and you pull in some of the lightness of spring without ever being in danger of being garish. This delicate tone can be used in bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms.

  • Grey, Did you Say?

If you visit your paint store, there are several shades of grey to choose from, although you may not find 50 of them. This spring, cool glacier-like tones and deep shades with a hint of mauve are in fashion. If you decide to decorate with a true grey in a light tone that looks like a silver, don’t be afraid to match it with brown greys and brown colours. For contrast, add a couple of well-placed accessories in jewel tones.

Darker greys work really well with white trim and painted white floors. Warm up the room with plenty of natural wood accessories. Add a multicoloured rug and some throw pillows to give your room some texture and it will look very inviting.

  • Go Bold with Tangerine

Tangerine is showing up all over the place this spring. It’s one of the hottest decorator paint colours but if you can’t picture yourself staging your home with a tangerine room, consider using it as an accent colour to make a statement in a living room or dining room.

That may be too much colour for you to commit to, and this is not a shade for the faint of heart. Try it in small doses with accent pillows, bath towels or as part of a wall hanging or piece of art. You can always change it out after you move.

Part of my work as an experienced realtor is to offer advice about staging your home so that you can get the highest price from buyers. Call me to arrange your confidential consultation today.

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