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How to Identify Overpriced Homes

For most first-time home buyers, purchasing a home can be really challenging. First, there is the overwhelming selection of homes that meet what you are looking for. Then there’s an even bigger difficulty of trying to figure out which of those homes offer the best value for your money, and which ones are just being priced well above their real value.   How does one know that a property is read more

How You Can Avoid Mortgage Fraud

It is true that most mortgage applications push through without a glitch. However, there are some lenders and borrowers who do commit fraud to make things more favorable for them. While it may seem harmless at first, mortgage fraud could easily turn into a huge mess later on.   It is not going to be easy for a lender to commit fraud but as a borrower, you should still be familiar with some read more

Are You Ready to be a Homeowner?

Have you been browsing online sites for houses for sale? Have you been taking quick stops at some nearby open houses? Have you been trying to compute how much it will take for you to be able to afford the house you’ve been eyeing? If so, then you must be in that stage where you think you are ready to buy your first home.   However, buying and owning your first home will require not only a read more

Things to Consider When Buying Power of Sale Properties

A property sold by power of sale means that it is not the homeowner, but the mortgage lender, who is selling it. It is a solution that is made available to lenders when homeowners default on mortgages. If you are interested in this as a buyer, here are some of the things that you should know about power of sale transactions:   You should reign in your hopes for a discount! read more

What to Look for in a Neighbourhood

When looking for a property, most people would look for affordability first and foremost. This quickly narrows down one’s list, because of course there is no point in going through photos of houses over and over if they are beyond your budget. What sometimes gets to be considered last is the kind of neighbourhood the property is in. We are not just talking about its read more

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