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Should You Include Furniture When You Sell?

If you are selling your current home and moving somewhere far, you might consider including your furniture in the sale. However, before deciding to do so, you should know that this could end up in different circumstances that could range from getting a higher price for your property to messing up the whole deal. You read right. Unfortunately, including your furniture does not always sweeten the po read more

Real Estate Sales and Things That Could Go Wrong

In the real estate industry, no two transactions are the same. One transaction might go smoothly, while the next one might be a bit chaotic, if not a total failure. Here are some of the common problems that might arise in a real estate transaction in both buyers’ and sellers’ sides: The Buyer Mortgage Pre-Approval Looking for a home is difficult, so just i read more

Why City Dwellers are Relocating to Durham Region

Durham Region is the largest geographic region in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. It has one of the fastest-growing populations in Canada, with approximately 644,910 residents as of December 2013. Around one million people is the forecasted population by 2031. Why are city dwellers suddenly interested in relocating to this region? Accessible Durham Region is located at the easter read more

How to Budget When You’re Buying a House

The decisions that you are required to make when buying a new home can be easily overwhelming. Simple choices to make like: city or country? Fixer-upper or move-in ready? Brand new or existing? The list goes on! A home is definitely a big purchase and you don’t want it to be a burden rather than a blessing eventually. It’s not rocket science to save up money when buying a home. Here are some read more

Listing in Spring? Prep Your House for Market

It is known that spring is the best time to sell houses. The reason for this is because a large number of buyers are actively searching for a new home during the months of April, May and June. If your house has been on the market since the holidays, it’s best to take it off the market for a few weeks. Nobody will be interested to look at your home in the spring if they see that it’s been on t read more

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