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Should You Include Furniture When You Sell?

If you are selling your current home and moving somewhere far, you might consider including your furniture in the sale. However, before deciding to do so, you should know that this could end up in different circumstances that could range from getting a higher price for your property to messing up the whole deal. You read right. Unfortunately, including your furniture does not always sweeten the po read more

How to Identify Overpriced Homes

For most first-time home buyers, purchasing a home can be really challenging. First, there is the overwhelming selection of homes that meet what you are looking for. Then there’s an even bigger difficulty of trying to figure out which of those homes offer the best value for your money, and which ones are just being priced well above their real value.   How does one know that a property is read more

Home-Selling Focus: What to Share with Your Sales Representative

There is no denying that buying a house requires a lot of hard work and patience. But what some people don’t understand is that selling a house requires just as much, if not more. It’s a good thing that you do not have to deal with these things on your own and there is always a professional agent who could help you. Ironically, though, finding the perfect agent for you might be a challenge in read more

Benefits of Home Evaluation

A home evaluation is comparable to a house appraisal and home inspection combined. Most of the time it is performed by a real estate agent. It is done to determine the market value of a property that his or her client would like to sell or it can also be a home that a buyer is eyeing. On top of looking at the total appeal of the house itself, an evaluation also considers other aspects. This inclu read more

Moving: A Checklist of Things You Need to Prepare

Ah…moving. Not a lot of people appreciate this tedious chore, but if you are planning on moving to a better place, then there’s really no other way to do it but to get to work. For an easier and more efficient move, check out these recommendations:   Transfer Information This is probably the most difficult part because you might be overwhelmed with the many things you read more

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