Top Tips For Safe Trick Or Treating


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Playing dress up, staying up late and collecting oodles of candy – Halloween is every child\’s dream. But as excited as your little one\’s may be to get dolled up and head out, it\’s important to keep them as safe as possible.

Our safety tips will keep your ninjas and kittens safe while they prowl the streets:

Costume 101
Whether they dressed up as a pretty princess or a scary vampire, even the most elaborate costume should take safety into consideration.

Masks should fit well and not obstruct a child\’s vision. Where possible, opt for makeup instead.

Avoid trips and falls by making sure the costume fits well and hems don\’t drag on the ground. Ensure kids can walk (or run) comfortably without getting tangled in dangling sashes, ribbons, belts, and straps, etc.

Dress kids warmly, even if they complain about covering up their costume with a bulky winter jacket. If possible – layer! Thermal underwear will keep them warm without hiding all your hard, creative work.

Swords, knives and other costume accessories should be short, soft and flexible, and it should go without saying that, if necessary, toy guns should be easily distinguishable as fake.

Rules Of The Road
Try to plan your route in advance, making sure to note houses where neighbours aren\’t home. Teach kids to steer clear of houses that don\’t have lights on, and to never go into a house unless accompanied by an adult they know.

Even though the street will be full of kids and parents, pedestrian rules should count double on Halloween night.

Aim to head out before dark or after the street lights come on. The low light of dusk makes it difficult for drivers to see, even in the best of circumstances. Cross at the lights and designated cross walks, and never cross between parked cars.

Attach reflective tape or stickers to dark coloured costumes and bags so children can be seen in the dark.

Sweet Treats
Kids love candy, and to keep them from snacking on sweets while they\’re out and about, fill them up with a hearty, healthy dinner before sending them off. Alternatively, keep a stash of pre-approved candy in your pocket and dole it out when kids feel like hey need a nibble so they don\’t feel tempted to dip into their haul before you\’ve had a chance to review it.

Thoroughly check all candy before you let your kids have at it. Discard any pieces that are open, old, or have clearly been tampered with. If you aren\’t sure what you should be looking for, you can turn to your local police department or hospital for safe advice.

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