What to Look for in a Neighbourhood

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When looking for a property, most people would look for affordability first and foremost. This quickly narrows down one’s list, because of course there is no point in going through photos of houses over and over if they are beyond your budget. What sometimes gets to be considered last is the kind of neighbourhood the property is in. We are not just talking about its geographical location but other factors like amenities that could make living in your new house convenient or just plain difficult.


Here are some of the things you should consider when looking for the right neighbourhood:

 1. The neighbourhood should have easy access to places you frequently visit. Among these places are banks, pharmacies, hospitals, supermarkets, and gyms, among others. Check the quality of these particular places, and make sure you like them because you are likely to visit regularly. You could go around to check the local businesses too and see if you are going to be a fan of their services.


2. If you are a parent, then you probably already know that you should choose a neighbourhood where there are good schools nearby. Whether public schools with good programs or private schools, make sure you find out more about these schools and see if they will be good for your kids. Also, consider your kids’ transportation and travel time.


3. If you drive to work, then check what your travel time would be like. Consider factors such as distance, traffic, and of course, the cost! If you are, on the other hand, taking public transportation, then it is best that you have easy access to bus stops and subway stations. Similar to when you’re driving, consider things like whether you would require transfers, or if you would need to wake up an hour earlier, and so on.


4. Will there be restaurants, stores, and theatres nearby? How about parks? Entertainment centres and fun activity areas are just as important as places like hospitals and schools. Having a quick access to the places that you enjoy going to can make all the difference in this new neighbourhood. If it would cost you your arm and leg just to see a movie when you are used to going to theatres every month, then prepare yourself for a major adjustment.


5. How far will you be from your family and friends? Unless you are looking for a new start where no one knows you, you might want to consider your travel time if you want to visit your family on weekends or have dinner with friends every Tuesday.


Making a house a home has a lot to do with the neighbourhood you are in. You would do well to find a neighbourhood where all the members of your family can get everything they need and feel a sense of belongingness there.

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