Why City Dwellers are Relocating to Durham Region


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Durham Region is the largest geographic region in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. It has one of the fastest-growing populations in Canada, with approximately 644,910 residents as of December 2013. Around one million people is the forecasted population by 2031.

Why are city dwellers suddenly interested in relocating to this region?


Durham Region is located at the eastern gateway to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It ensures quick and direct access to both domestic and international markets. It offers prime access to Canada’s largest market with over 5 million people, and 120 million American and Canadian customers within a day’s drive. They also have a well-developed transportation network for movement of both people and goods.

Great Opportunities

Durham Region also prides itself for having an abundant supply of land, skilled labour force, educating and training opportunities, as well as numerous features that support balanced-living. Business can count on support from boards of trade, chambers of commerce, economic development offices and other business improvement areas.


Since Durham Region is abundant in lands, there are a whole lot of activities for you and your children to enjoy – mostly outdoor activities, and education fun. They have different places to visit – from zoos, museums, historical sites, and galleries to farms, orchards, and berry patches.


Other than having fun under the sun, Durham Region also boasts being a host to all kinds of sporting events. There are also tournaments that include international, regional and local rep teams. They also have soccer, martial arts, yoga and tennis, among others. During the winter season, skiing and world-class ice fishing are just some of the things to do.


Art enthusiasts will surely want to move to Durham Region. Evidently, there is also an abundance of art and culture for people to explore. Other than the local galleries, you can also join studio tours. Meet the potters and painters whilst in their element.


In some places, there are seasons when there is absolutely nothing to do. In the Durham Region, however, there are many activities to last you all year-long. It doesn’t matter what the season is, they always have an event for you to go to, or to participate in.

Specialized Services

There are also specialized services in Durham Region, like a free travel for the support persons of disabled passengers, to name one.

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